22222 some news

22 Feb 2022

Hello folks

It’s been a quiet start to 2022, I decided to take a few months off from organising ‘cause I was feeling burnt out after a hectic end to last year. TBH I still feel a bit burnt out but slowly getting back to normal. As usual it’s been a long time since I’ve written a newsletter - it feels like a weird thing to do when there isn’t much news. But there is a bit of news now! This is gonna be a less personal letter than the last few - soz for those of you who like the perzine vibes.

Recent times:

Done a couple of nice events this year including the online Cybersalon celebration for Art’s Birthday and a super show at IKLECTIK in London. It was really cool meeting and chatting to the other artists on the Art’s Birthday stream - shout out to Eva and Simon for organising everything and creating a really fun online event. I think I’ve written before about how I find online events really hit and miss, but this one was a definite hit and felt really cosy, like a house party where everyone is fun and interesting and the music is weird stuff you’ve never heard before. You can watch the stream (along with a nice write-up) on the Cybersalon website

I also loved the IKLECTIK gig. I built this up into a really big deal in my head, but actually the whole thing just felt really chill and enjoyable (idk why really, playing in London always feels important for some reason). It was great to meet the IKLECTIK folks, I was so impressed by what they’ve got going on there (and an extra massive shout out to Isa for looking after me so well - best sound tech <3). It was also really cool to catch up with some old friends including digital selves & rumblesan & Michael-Jon - there are so many people I’ve missed seeing while I’ve not been playing gigs. My dad came to watch too which was cool and he carried my stuff back on the tube (thanks dad if you’re reading this!).


P Foundation

nature boy and cloud

This Saturday (26th Feb) P Foundation are playing our first proper gig at Hatch in Sheffield. I’m pretty excited for it but also nervous since I’m not sure how it’s gonna go live. I’ve played a few sets with Adam before but this will be the first time since we’ve started P Foundation and the first time without a computer (!) We got drafted in last minute since one of the other bands can’t make it, so it’s a bit ~ serendipitous ~

Anyway, here’s some info on facebook

Our second release is coming out soon on Hard Return (amazing label). It’s an ambient album featuring our cat Nature Boy (he loves ambient).


wharf chambers gig poster

My 100% super serious live coded black metal band TRVE YORKSHIRE KVLT ENSEMBLE is playing at Wharf Chambers in Leeds on 3rd March with Laurie’s other band Lo Egin. This is what they’ve said about us:



I think we’re going to try to film a video so if you come please do your best to look spooky.

We’ve also got a release coming soon on Don’t Drone Alone (another amazing label). We recorded these tracks a REALLY long time ago, but they had to fester forgotten in the darkest recesses of google drive for a few years before they were ready to eat.

(BTW, that just reminded me, I watched a cool video about hairy tofu the other day - check it out

Christian Harrop has done the artwork which is dope AF - can’t wait to share it.

Heavy Lifting vs Graham Dunning

10 years of algorave poster

Really psyched that me and Graham are returning to play the 10th anniversary algorave at Corsica studios on 31st March, this time with added Casio samples. We started practicing a few weeks ago and I’m really enjoying jamming (read: laughing my head off with my headphones on). It’s also reminding me how cool Troop is - I love being able to jam over the internet with friends in different places - thanks Ryan! I know there are a few options now for live coding collabs but Troop will also be my first love, and I love the Troop aesthetic.

Me and Graham have ALSO got a release coming soon on Fractal Meat (who I’ve just noticed are selling vials of cave water - mystical!). It’s a mix of recordings from our last collab and also from these recent sessions. We’re co-opting the Corsica gig as our launch party :D


I’m trying to update my website but it’s taken me a year so far and I’ve made like 5% progress hehe. Not even my shows page is up to date. I’ll try to do better senpai, I promise.

Ok, bye!