garden waste

03 Aug 2020

Hi all - this update is brought to you by my recent week off work & a visit from my dad and stepmum.

I’ve spent the last week away from the internet almost entirely (sorry if I haven’t replied to your email… I’ll get to it soon I promise!). I’ve been riding my bike a lot, tending my garden, and generally enjoying the sunshine.

a sunny orange california poppy in my garden

I heard this kind of corny phrase recently which I really liked: “the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the second best time is now”. Over the last few months I’ve been catching up with some trees I’ve been intending to plant for some time. Which means I feel a bit behind on today, and really this whole year has felt slow. I didn’t manage to write down any goals until May, and when I did they felt soft (but not in a bad way):

Be intentional

Reject complacency

Stop rushing

I think with the lockdown it’s an opportunity to re-mould my brain a bit so I’m trying to keep this stuff in mind while I do that.

a badly exposed photo of a waterfall in the loxley valley

I went for a walk in the Loxley Valley a few days ago and took some photos with my old analogue camera. I used a quick at-home method to get the images - developing negatives in a paterson tank and then scanning them into the computer. I did something similar with Deborah in Orkney last summer and it feels like a really nice halfway point between analogue and digital. I’m still working out the best timings etc but enjoying myself on the way.

Couple of online updates:

TYPE’s debut EP Dropped Signals is out on 14th August via Utility Tapes, and the cassette is available for pre-order now. It’s a pretty limited release in terms of physical copies, but there’s a digital version too.

You can also watch back the TYPE set from Noise Quest - we all really enjoyed this show even though we crashed a lot.

We also still have a few shirts left for just FIVE POUNDS via Pickled Discs

The Heavy Lifting set from Art Meets Radical Openness is also available to watch online now. I had a bit of stress with internet connection problems and a crash, but generally I was super happy with this performance. The folks at AMRO were super organised and it was a joy to play such a cool festival.

P Foundation will have a set at Heinous Whining I think on Saturday 8th August (postponed from an earlier date but keep an eye out for the date online)

Also got a couple of meetups happening soon:

Sheffield Arts & Tech - Weds 12th August 6pm

Electronically Clube - Thurs 13th August 7.30pm

If you want to join either of the above send me an email and I’ll put you on the mailing list.

Hope all is well in your part of the world.

Lucy xx