15 Jul 2020

I’m stepping away from social media and starting a newsletter instead, which I’ll also post to my blog here - starting NOW!

I kinda just need an email to send out for my first subscribers, so I guess I’ll talk a little bit about why I’m doing this….

I’m trying to step away from Social Media ((I’m just proofreading this and I’ve no idea why I capitalised that but it kinda adds it’s own emphasis so I’m leaving it)) which has been really unproductive and negative for me over the last couple of months. BUT I know some people follow me online for updates about my various musical projects. And I also like to share stuff that other people have made that I think is good.

I wanted to start a newsletter so I can send these updates in an easy to digest format for people who want them. I’ll probably include gig listings, what I’m working on, maybe some behind the scenes recordings, stuff I’m listening to etc etc. I guess it’ll be like a condensed version of the shows and (neglected) blog pages on my website. I’ll probably replace the blog on there with an archive of these emails. (Actually the whole site needs an update and I’ve been super inspired by sites made by friends I’ve met over on Scuttlebutt - glyph, Séan, Zach and Scott)

((Also… if you’re wondering what on earth is a Scuttlebutt you can read an article I read about my adventures as a n00b in the decentralised web in this zine))

Obviously lockdown has been hard, and I’ve really been missing playing out. I took for granted all those little connections you make with people at shows, and how inherently social local and DIY gigs are. I got an emotional reminder of this in the form of an email from my friend Alejandro who moved back to Chile from Sheffield last year - he’s recorded a beautiful album about our city and his time here.

Having said that… there have been loads of super cool online events taking place and I’ve been lucky enough to take part in a few of them include one in a clone of Habbo Hotel and Theo’s noise show Heinous Whining which felt like being at a real noise show (i.e. purifying with a lot of laughs) - you can watch ‘em back over on the trrtrlgbbng twitch. Not to discount the other streams I’ve done, but both of these had the energy of an IRL gig to me - so fun!

Another recommendation - I’m currently reading The Mushroom at the End of the World by Anna Tsing and it is completely changing the way I think about the world. I’m not exactly first to the party on mushrooms and/or life beyond capitalism but I am quite excited about it. Have you read it? If so please hit me up because I’m desperate to talk about it!!!

Got a couple of bits and pieces coming up - so I’ll tell you about those and leave it there:

Think that’s it for the moment. Thank you for subsrcibing and please give me a shout any time at!