23 Jun 2017

i’ve been live coding for a year

my first gig was 17th june 2016. one year later (almost but not quite to the day!) i played at supersonic with cute babes blood sport, literally a dream come true for me!!!

in that time i’ve played TWENTY gigs plus workshops and installations. in the context of having not played any music at all prior to this for 5 years and feeling like i would never get to a place where i was happy and thriving and having fun playing gigs this feels extra special.

pic by antonio roberts aka hellocatfood

wanna give a really big shout out to joanne armitage, shelly knotts and alex mclean for activating me and bringing live coding into my life and encouraging/coercing me into playing live. big thanks also to everyone who has booked me and supported me, and especially to blood sport for collaborating with me and to ryan & laurie for being the most fun band ever!!!!!!!!!

roll on another year of silly samples and broken beats - come see me play and i’ll make ya feel sick. xoxo