30 Aug 2016

i’ve been attempting to work more with midi via tidal-midi so i can incorporate some outboard gear into my set, but i’ve been struggling with getting it up and running

you can read my attempts to document and troubleshoot this here

as part of catalyst festival i organised a tidalcycles workshop for women run by alexandra cárdenas. i discovered that me and her are the only women who perform with tidal, so i’m really hoping the workshop will support gender balance amongst users of the software.

yesterday i played a gig for audacious art experiment at picture house social in sheffield, which was super fun and a few people commented they enjoyed my set which was great!

watch this space for pics of the above events :)

i’ve got one upcoming show at millennium gallery with loads of awesome performers from around the world as part of the algomech festival 2016, so excited for this one! really hoping i get my set up sorted before then so i can hold my own amongst the big boys haha!